One little company aims to save the world online: The story of OfficeXtend™ announced the most favourable terms to help U.S. businesses fight back against the current recession through more global staffing solutions

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, U.S., April 16, 2020 / — announced the most favourable terms to help U.S. businesses fight back against the current recession and launched several more innovative global staffing solutions for companies who desperately require remote assistance. Helping prop up the U.S. economy and small businesses is at the heart of the company’s’ philosophy: they are taking great strides to back this up.

In a world impacted by COVID-19, even the fiercest opponents of remote working and late adopters of this pragmatic way of work, are necessitated to conform. Yet challenges are mounting as falling revenues during a recession, coupled by a lack of streamlined systems for remote working can hamper efficiency. is a U.S. based boutique firm that helps small businesses expand and grow. They do this by making available a more affordable global workforce fluent in English in a wide range of critical areas. This includes support services such as administrative, appointment setting, lead generation and digital marketing to drive business growth. Yet in the U.S. there are many other business types that thrive on the support of invisible angels in global support teams. This is exactly where the AEC branch of OfficeXtend™ serves as a game-changer: architecture, engineering and construction are key industries where strong remote support is also provided.

To weather the storm in the current pandemic and beyond, will require smart strategic moves in any business. Government handouts will have a limited impact hence ultimately, the longer-term success in a post COVID-19 world, will depend on making a series of good strategic moves, backed by teams that are flexible, responsive and competent. OfficeXtend™ sees itself as a key partner to businesses that need to fight back against collapse: it empowers businesses to cut costs rapidly and ensures continuity by quickly putting in place highly trained remote professionals, often at a fraction of the cost.

Ensuring business continuity in challenging times clearly carries a cost implication: it is essential to lower costs in such a way that efficiency remains high or improves even further. Yet the peace of mind in switching to a business support provider like OfficeXtend™, comes from the fact that they are already trusted by big American brands: Hilton, Starbucks, Marriott, Allstate and Best Buy are just a few examples.
Responding at the right speed during times of uncertainty and turbulence is equally important to save a business. This is why OfficeXtend™ typically takes 48 hours to form an entire new department for their clients’ business: they know very well that time is of the essence. This means that very swiftly, a global team can be deployed behind the scenes to keep a local operation running smoothly.

What do cost and quality leadership look like? In the case of OfficeXtend™, their clients typically hire remote assistance where for a 40-hour week, the rate for an administrative assistant is $385 with the ability to scale between 5-40 hours per week. A bookkeeper is $519, an AutoCAD Drafter $545, with an Architectural Renderer at $595. A similar range of rates extend well into sectors such as healthcare: where insurance verification, medical coding and billing are standard activities remote teams can handle. It also covers legal assistants, IT professionals and a wide range of specializations.

OfficeXtend™ took a consistent approach during the current crisis by communicating the following to all stakeholders including customers. The company wrote: “Our mission today is the same that it’s always been – ensuring that you have the most reliable team setup whenever & wherever you need. This could not be more essential than it is right now, as the pandemic creates an environment where you must practically consider pivoting your business entirely.”

Special measures to reduce barriers to entry for struggling businesses is perhaps one of the areas where OfficeXtend™ has been the most proactive: Whereas their competitors charge an upfront deposit as per industry norms, the company chose to be different. It actually allows customers to interview candidates prior to making payments, so that a suitable choice can be made before a contract starts. With no minimum weekly hours and the ability to cancel at any time, it is clearly a solution that helps businesses to be expandable and contractible in an instant – exactly the type of reassurance needed for companies to thrive in the current environment.

As the President and various governors consider restarting the economy, there is no doubt that critical business support that is innovative, will be able to make a difference going forward.

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