OfficeXtend just made running your Architectural & Design business much easier

From architectural production and design to administrative support and customer service, OfficeXtend knows exactly how to make businesses more efficient. This women-owned firm is a game-changer as they are bringing flexibility, expertise, excellent customer service, and affordability to other architectural firms nationwide.

Based in Phoenix, AZ, OfficeXtend offers a fresh take and dedicated services in the areas of architectural drafting and rendering support for the AEC industries. A few of their more popular programs offered in their area of expertise are: AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max, Sketch Up and ArchiCAD. Affordable and accessible for businesses with tight budgets, the starting price for just 10 hours a week of AutoCAD support is $189. For all additional industries, they provide services such as virtual administrative support, bookkeeping, appointment setting, and more. OfficeXtend not only services small businesses but has been trusted to assist their clients on projects for major American brands such as Hilton, Starbucks, Marriott, Allstate, and Best Buy.

OfficeXtend was started by two childhood friends, one being a former refugee and the other an immigrant. These women have an immense love for the United States and the hardworking businesses who are working towards achieving the American dream. They built a company that would help make these dreams a reality. The OfficeXtend team, much like their customers, is extremely diverse and is made up of members from various countries and cultural backgrounds, making the organization have a more global perspective.

They have taken all the steps necessary to develop their own company and in turn, helps other small businesses expand and grow. Their mission today is the same that it’s always been – ensuring that customers have the most reliable team setup whenever & wherever they need. This could not be more essential than it is right now, as the community has learned how crucial it is to have support in unpredictable times.

OfficeXtend sees itself as a key partner to all businesses, even those that are on the brink of collapse. They are educated in supporting those who are fighting to keep their businesses by empowering them to cut costs rapidly and quickly putting in place highly trained remote professionals, often at a fraction of the cost.

The team behind OfficeXtend knows what their clients want and offer great prices for even better quality of work. With top notch customer service, they ensure that the entire process runs smoothly for each and every company. There are no limitations to what they can do for your company. Their team becomes YOUR team!

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